Friday, December 30, 2005

what i ate in KC

Goodness gracious me! I just got tagged! Never really played that game a lot... Oh well, now I'm it.

This means I'll have to dish out all out my fav food. 'course I cant do that right away! Nobody can. Its inane! If I say one particular dish, the others dishes will feel bad. Can't afford that to happen. Plus this is not a personal blog. Its kccollg blog: what I did in KC.

So in keeping with the theme of this blog I'll have this post named:

what i ate in KC
(apart from most of the teachers' heads!)

(other names would include:
the butterfly cafe,
how we pigged out in KC,
"OMG! It tastes amazing man! Amazing food!! You just gotta have some" (usually said by
and "God, I'm stuffed!"
My 10 are evenly distributed, and marked in red and with an * at the end which actually means me going mmmmghhhhhhhh!!!

Advisory: Please report invalid names, dishes, places etc. asap. I will try to rectify asap. Only suggestions from valid KCCites will be used.

Butterfly café:
(right outside the KC comp lab)

  • Schezwan noodles with gravy and manchurian balls on top. *
    A classic combination of noodles and gravy. But don't go without the manchurian balls. Its the topper. How we used to wait patiently for Raju to top it off with balls.
  • Chilly chicken in gravy. *
    Delicious chicken (pieces) in bowlfull of gravy. Also get manchurian balls for the same. (You can actually guess the color of the alive chicken.)

Also watch out for:

  • Fried rice with gravy, schezwan sauce and more manchurian balls on top.
  • Dry fried noodles in plain gravy.
  • Watermelon juice, which Boo used to make me have a lot. (and which I miss a lot too.)
  • Shekar: he'll finish off the food. Though its always too late for that. Plus we love to see him eat right off the table. Trust Shekar to finish everything thats leftover!
  • HR babes. :)

(right behind college)

  • Chilly cheese toast. *
    Capsicum chillies, cheese, butter, toast. That's a full recipe!. Surprisingly tasty, quick to make. But lots of customers. So takes time to place order. Surprising since its an informal stall on the footpath. Heck they're so successfull that by the end of the 3rd year, Shashi got his own business card! No point for us though we know him well enough. Enough to get a library issued book and forget it on the footpath. He picked it up and returned it the next day!!
    I'll show you his card too. Never mind if he forgot to mention that the Free Home Delivery is only in India. Try it.

    Shashi's card

    Also watch out for:
  • Plain veg. sandwich.
  • Jain toast.
  • Bhaji toast.
  • Cheese toast.
  • Any other book you left behind.

(right opposite HR gate)

  • Paneer roll with grated cheese & extra chutney. *
    A must have between lectures or after college. The paneer is exquisite! Its not really the xeroxwala who runs it. He's just near the xeroxwala. But I don't really know his name. He's right between the Xeroxwala and the Aarey stall.

Also watch out for:

  • Veg roll.
  • Plain cheese sandwich.
  • A Xerox of the above items.
  • Xeroxwala: to check if the xeroxes are done yet. Where else will we study from?

(just round the corner, right opp. 210°)

  • Cheese paw bhaji. *
    Pav Bhaji which is simply rich with grated cheese on top. And the aroma! Oh God!

Aarey stall:
(right opp. HR gate)

  • Energy - soft drink. *
    Always a refreshing drink. And a backup if you had a bit too much chutney at the xeroxwala. Pineapple flavor's still the best.

Also watch out for:

  • Lassi.
  • Masala doodh.

Churchgate station subway:
(where d'ya think it is!)

  • Bread butter.
    Not just any bread butter. According to
    CeeTee, "The best damn bread butter you can ever have at 7 in the morning!" But I can't say its my personal favorite. I've never had it. (Who will go there at such an ungodly hour?) CeeTee would certainly mark this one!

Also watch out for:

  • The 7:20 Borivli local...

Chaiwala & Idliwala:
(right opp. KC gate. near Javed's)

  • Chai, coffee. *
    With extra sugar for me please! This used to be the best part of rainy days in college. After Wani's first lecture we used to hang out here. Not that we'd have an off. But either the next lecture's teacher used to turn up late, or we'd simply bunk. And boy was it worth it! Not just our class alone at that. Lots of people used to turn up to have that simple chai.
    Tea, rain and friends. Thats it!
  • Idli. *
    Right on the road. This guy used to get a huge basket full of it. Idlies, vadas and dosas. With some home made chutney and sambar.
    With tea, rain and friends, just add idli above.

Also watch out for:

  • VD. If he spots you outside, you've had it! Not that he'd do anything to you, but you don't want to spoil the rest of your day.

(right opp. Vihar!)

  • Cheese cakes. *
    God! Those pastries are heavenly! Especially if you have a friend to share it with. (Money, i mean!)

Also watch out for:

  • Patties
  • More cheese cakes. You can never have enough of those!

(Next to Asiatic, off Churchgate Station)

  • Pattise. *
    I think thats what they were!

(next to Eros theatre)

  • Idli
  • Pav Bhaji
  • Uttapa - and lots of more stuff.

Sugercane Stall:
(not near college, near Kala Ghoda, opp. Rhythm House)

  • Sugarcane juice - full glass.
    Boy that glass used to be full! Its a tall tall tumbler of sugercane juice. Its just the thing you need after a day of cricket at the oval: Sucrose - disintegrated into Glucose and Fructose (ready sugar).

So this it the way we used to pig out. Not everyday of course. But almost everyday anyway! Apart from this we also used to sneak food in class. For instance, once in a while Shekar and I used to bring a bottle of Pepsi in class. What else can wet your throat after going "Hmmm..." in class? But thats a different post. Yet to come.

Anyway, now its my turn to tag 'em.

Not sure how they're going to post it. They can always email me and i'll post it for them here. But it would be wonderful if they started their own blog too! :)

I tag: CeeTee, Qu][cKSiLv3R, SpruceGoose, Boo, and Greece.
And they can go for not just college food. Its their own favorites. From anywhere now.

Monday, December 19, 2005

code zero

A typical forward.

hey guys this it gr8!! it really works! try it out yourself!!
I tried it out, and it gave me this wierd site!
This must be some sort of bug in Microsoft that they haven't discovered yet!!!

1. Goto
2. Enter: kccollg
3. Click on I'm Feeling Lucky!


I know what you're thinking. And yes.
That has nothing to do with Microsoft. But wouldn't you rather blame them?

See our project in TY was... (too long to explain actually).
Put in a nutshell, there were 11 different projects, with our project combining all of those together.
So we (Greece and me) had the worst job a programmer could ever have. Go through somebody else's code. And the way we were taught programming in college wasn't helping a lot either. I mean if a teacher writes 'freinds' instead of 'friends' in a presentation and shows it on a projector to the entire class, somebody will notice, and somebody will laugh! Except here, that somebody turned out to be the entire class who noticed and laughed and laughed and laughed! (and still laughs when we remember it!)

It works here:
why doesn't it work there?!

Ever notice how everyone wants to blame Microsoft for any errors or bugs in their code? Even in my college it used to happen. People can't use VB properly. So forget the fact that you're an uptight, ah-hoc programmer who doesn't even know how to use proper naming conventions, commenting techniques, or simple code indentation, but the bugs were because of 'Stupid Microsoft!'. (Naming conventions and stuff might not be required for small programs, agreed. But these folks are writing group projects without it!)
When we had to show the projects to our guide, people would face problems because the resources they used at home were not copied over. Now I can understand they didn't copy an image or something, but, Ravi once came without the database! Then he started telling me that VB is not working properly and it must be corrupt! So I told him that next time copy your MSAccess database also. And he says, "But Access is already installed here! It's still not working!"

No code, No bugs, No problem!

We required projects from 10 other groups.
One such group was Shahid and Sushil working on Student Mgt. When we got their initial copy we were surprised that it compiled without a single error! Wow, we thought. No breaking our heads on their code this time. And as all good things are, it was too good to last. Once we generated a dll file for their module and tested it via our project, the forms opened and nothing worked. There were no buttons to click anyway, and the menu items didn't work either. Only thing that did work was the Exit command from the File menu. So to check what went wrong we went through their code and... wait, what code?? There was no code. Just the forms. No code. They had probably reasoned it like this: you can't have errors in your code if there is no code!
I guess thats proper logic!
And they were not the only ones.
...Highly Censored Content!...
Yea rite! I can see that!!

Anyway, we never had to worry about that anymore. Because we had a few good modules from a few good groups which we used to demonstrate our project, TimeTable, Library and Student. Rest all of them: well I removed all code and compiled them.

After all: you can't have errors in your code if there is no code! :)