Tuesday, October 03, 2006

divya says hi

I met Godfrey in FY, and instantly I detected a rapidly increasing brainwave pattern. He had that aura on him. Hes the kind of guy who picked up from where you left off.

Case in point.

Shekhar: "Want beer! (or more Pepsi! or India will lose the worldcup)" [Some of the mumbo jumbo Shekhar said that provoked a reaction]
Me: "You should be dead..."
Godfrey (picking up where I left): "And then some!"

And then one day...

Just a bit before KIRAN 2003 fest, I went searching for Shekhar. Along came Divya, (who didn't know that I knew Godfrey probably better than she'd have imagined), and tried to introduce me to him. I played along.
Divya: "Hey, meet Godfrey."
(this was gonna be fun!)
Me: "Hi, Godfrey. Suyash!"
Godfrey: "Hey Suyash."
Both of us trying to suppress a smile.
Me (@ Divya): "Have you seen Shekhar anywhere?"
Godfrey: "Oh I think he's in the Audi"
Me (thinking): "Damn you Godfrey!!! We just met! You weren't supposed to know who Shekhar is! But wait! I can fix this! Hope you catch up here"
Me (@ Godfrey): "Oh! You know Shekhar, do you?"
Divya (oblivious): "Oh yaa! He's Shekhar's good friend!"
Me: "Ah, I suppose you met him in KIRAN eh?"
Godfrey: "He's quite a character. Isn't he?"
Me: "Don't ask!"
Both supress bigger smile - look at each other.
Me: "If by any chance you meet him, tell him to go to the lab."
Divya: "OK"
Godfrey: "Sure. Suyash right?"
Me: "Yup. Tell him Suyash was looking for him."
Divya: "Sure"
(funny pause)
Me: "Nice meeting you Godfrey"
Godfrey: "My pleasure."
Me: "Oh and Godfrey..."
Godfrey: "Yea..?"
Me: "Finally got that haircut you were gonna get eh?"
Divya: "WHAT!??"

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Blogger Hob Gadling rambled...

Hahahahahhahahahahahahahah!!! Holy crap that was funny!!! You write funny stuff really well!

12:25 PM, October 03, 2006  
Anonymous srinivas rambled...


4:16 AM, July 14, 2008  

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