Wednesday, April 19, 2006

exam fever

What do you get if you put together:
  • New syllabus.
  • New teachers.
  • New students.
No. Not new records set.
  • Wierd question paper patterns.
  • Blank answer papers.
  • Students fainting in examination halls.

It seems TY finals this year were quite ass-kickin! Most left lots of questions unanswered. Some argued that the questions were unexpected. The new syllabus was not taught properly. But fainting in exam halls!! C'mon! We never did that. And we hardly studied. (and thats putting it lightly). Whatever we studied (or skipped). We always showed up for exams atleast. Except maybe, if say, we're sleeping. Yeah! Er.. Uh.. We're quite shameless like that there.

SY finals:

A typical exam schedule always meant studying late at night for us. So getting up early in the morning is difficult if not impossible. And sometimes you tend to pull an all-nighter and sleep in the wee hours of the morning. And once in SY, during the annual exams, one such Maths paper, Shekar, Shiv and I, (among others) were up studying late. And math as you all know, can never really be studied last minute, But try telling us that!

Next day: discussions in the library, of how much everyone skipped (instead of how much you've studied). Only we forget to notice that Shekar is not there with us. Later we figure he's probably already in class. Paper begins. He's not in sight anywhere. Where is he?

He's still in la la land (probably dreaming of being a goalie in Bayern Munich). After the paper, he promptly shows up at college though. All smiling.
Why? Cuz for once, he slept so soundly, that he got beauty sleep.
"Dude!", he tells me, "No blackmarks under my eyes! Thats so cool!"
"Oh yeah?! And what about the black-n-blue it's gonna turn when ma finds out?"

We never took any risks after that. Whenever anyone was unaccounted for before exams,(esp. Shekar) we called up to make sure they weren't gettin beauty sleep.
And it helped too!

TY prelims:

I almost pulled a Shekar too. (So to speak)

Since the paper was at 11 AM I had gone off to sleep at 5 AM thinking I'd get up by 10 atleast.

But I slept and I slept. And I slept a little more.

It was a saturday, and my parents thought exams would begin on a monday. (And more importantly: I'd be studying if I had a paper the next day!). They had gone out and I was left alone at home, sleeping. (A dangerous combination)

But acute as my friends are about these things, Girish calls to check up on me, "Where are you? Are you still sleeping?".
Even just out of sleep I am able to put up a 'I've-woken-up-long-back' voice to avoid total embarrasment and tell him, "Oh I'm up. I was just packing stuff".
So I'm off. Not to college, to sleep again!
And as well as he knows me, he calls me up again, this time, just a minute before the paper starts, yelling: "Tu abhitak ghar pe hai! Abbey jaldi aa! Kya kar raha hai!"
"Abbey aa raha hoon na! Bas das minute mein aya...tu jaa, late mat kar."
"Haan mein toh jaa raha hoon. Lekin tu aa! Phirse so mat ja ab saale!"
And I'm up. This time for good! Totally racing through the house, and to the college. I reach a good 10 minutes late for the paper. (Not that I ran out of time for the paper anyway!).

Thursday, April 06, 2006

april fools

I should have put this one up 6 days ago.
Raj's Ba-de (Birthday) is on the 1st of April.
And what day is that? :)
April Fools!!
So each year this day, I used to come up to her, shake hands, and wish, "Hey Raj, Happy... (eager anticipation) ...APRIL FOOLS!!"
And she used get so mad! :D (Not seriously mad, just mad mad)