Sunday, March 19, 2006

weapons of class destruction

What Mrs. Jayaraman Ma'am used to call our batch:

"This is by far the worst batch we must have come across"
"I have never had such wild behavior from such students"
"In all the years we have taught in the college, we have never come across such a rowdy and rude batch"
"I don't understand how this batch managed to get to the SY level!"
"All of you keep quiet!"
"Stop talking!"
"Roll Number 214! Stop talking! Or get out of class!"

Wow! Complements straight from the HOD of Mathematics!
We were undoubtedly the most mischievous class ever!
We were the weapons of class destruction in SYBSc.

Once Girish and I were caught talking in class. After the lecture, she called us out of the room to reprimand us. There we stood, faces hung in shame, trying not to look.
Well... Payal was standing right behind Ma'am and making funny faces at us. We were trying very very hard not to laugh. Girish's burst out laughing ultimately, got even more reprimanded. Me? I didn't laugh. I was too awestruck to laugh. I didn't even realize that Payal could make such funny faces. I mean C'mon. Raj I can understand... its natural for her. rofl :) (no hard feeling haan Raj!).

And in TY, as the budding software programmers that we were, we upgraded to:
weapons of class distraction

What we used to do was this:
Shekar and I, used to sit on the second last benches near the window. And as soon as a lecture started getting boring (which as you might have guessed, was almost immediately), we used to start humming. Hmmmmmmm....
And hmmmmmm.....
(you get the rhythm or tune... just hmmmmmmmmm)

And here's the fun part.
When I said 'we', I didn't mean just Shekar and me. We used to start all right... Yes. But in a true computer virus fashion, it used to infect and multiply at an exponential rate. Everybody then used to pitch in. And then it becomes harder to pinpoint and eradicate the source of the hmmm...
(ok. Lets not get carried away again)

And if ever you get caught.
"What? We're just playing close attention!"

Of course these weren't the only methods with which we kept busy!

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