Sunday, May 20, 2007

i'm just this kid who studies in KC

I know my name ain't that easy to remember. Really! infact i've had the rare honour of having my name turned and twisted into a wide range of 'nicks'
[ Suresh a.k.a. Shuosh a.k.a. Suriyash a.k.a. Suyansh a.k.a. Zaosh a.k.a. Shushu a.k.a. Suyi a.k.a. Shushupal Singh ]
So what do you do when you want to call me up, but don't know what my name is?!

First Year!!
very very first few days of college!
It's a given not many know my name, let alone know it properly!
Jay wanted had some help with his PC and had taken my phone number at college.
Then he calls... and my dad answered.

Dad: Hello!
Jay: Hello?.. uh..
Jay thinking: "Shit! i forgot his name!!"
Jay: Uh hello.. woh ladka hai?
Dad: kaun?
Jay: uh.. uncle, aapka beta hai, joh KC mein padta hai?
Dad (comes up to me): Tu KC me padhta hai na?
Me: What??
Dad: Someone seems to have forgot your name! Here...
Hands me the phone.
Me: Hello?
Jay: Hello, Jay here. Sorry yaar, i forgot your name!!
Dad (to me): Tell him there's another one who studies in Jai Hind also, but he's not home.


Its ok that he forgot my name, but it was just ingenious the way he asked for me anyway!! :D