Monday, January 23, 2006


Y'know whats the best part about being a lab admin?
(Okay. Even if I've already told you just shush! ok?)
So, as I was saying, the best part about being a lab admin is that you can get away with things. Lots of things. Lots.

For instance:

If you've just had a mentos, and can't seem to find any place to dispose off the plastic wraper. Quick! Shove it down an empty floppy drive! You can get them out later on! If anyone wanted to use it; what the heck! Most of the floppy drives wouldn't work anyway (which, by the way, had nothing to do with my liking for mentos! So there!). Of course, this used to be more so convenient when the PC didn't have a floppy drive inside. Just an empty slot. This used to make it even more difficult to work a floppy disk, because there was no drive. Still it didn't stop some students from trying to make it work anyway. I once found 3 floppy disks inside different cabinets with hollow floppy drive slots. Sujeet used them later to make bootables. (Over which i wrote stuff like: Lab cha floppy. Choru naka!)

After a grueling day of format-n-install-week, Chetan, Shiv and I just wanted to leave, but Santosh suddenly starts making a lot of noise. (And its always just noise: incoherent, nonsensical, maybe hillarious even, noise). So as he's off to wash his hands, we pile up the chairs. Not one on top of another.
One on top of another on top of another on top of another on top of another...(N)
;where N is the total number of chairs in the lab.
Halfway through, the pile of chairs actually reached the ceiling! So we had to make another pile. Then we waited for him outside the lab. As soon as he came we split! I mean we were in splits! Haha! We were laughing all the way. I tried to control my mirth, but that sinister smile just crept back on! He ultimately caught up with Shiv and Chetan at the station: "Mein madam ko bolega!" (quiktrans: "I'll tell your name to madam"). Haha! Now I can't help but laugh even more! Haha!

While setting up the projector, I changed the language to Chinese, in front of the entire class. Sneha's honest opinion: "SQL maam is definately going to think thats because of a virus!"

And then there's this time when CeeTee's came up with one. We took an ordinary keyboard and made it extraordinary. We shuffled the keys around. I wanted to make a word, but he wasn't in a mood for scrabble. Unfortunately Sujeet wouldn't let us connect it to the server. Darn! How else were the teachers going to report a virus?!
Here's the snap CeeTee'd taken :)

What I liked to do best, was this:
I used to shutdown any terminals, and leave the monitors switched on. (suspend state)
Arrange the cabinets so that their Power Buttons used to be facing front.
Run through the inner lab to the outer lab, hands stretched, switching on pairs of PC, (left - right), one after another, till all the PCs in both labs are on!
Man! That was loads of fun.
Main objective? Nothing. Just for fun.
Then wait till each and every PC reaches idle state.
And in the end run from the outer lab to the inner lab, switching off the mains.
Haha. I've managed to pull this off only 5-6 times when nobody's around. But it was fun each and every time. Did it usually before the format-n-install, so there's no harm done, and sometimes when I just wanted to vent some steam. Gagan saw me do one of these once! ;-) Boy was he baffled!