Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The lift home

After an entire day at college (KIRAN 2003 as volunteers of the Comps. Dept.), we set off home. And on my usual path back I bumped into Khushboo.
"Chal, I'll drop you off home.", she insisted.
"Actually I prefer to walk, but sure.", I agreed.

"Cool! Free ride", I thought.

We set off, and her not knowing the way to my home, I was telling her to take a right, a left and such.
Now KC is not that far from my home. Its 10 mins walking distance (max). So by car it just took a minute to get there.
"Thanks a lot Boo. Now you know where I stay", I said.
But no reply from her. So I turned round and she had this fearful look in her eyes.
"You do know how to get back home don't you?"
"Howwww?", she really dragged that 'w'.
Then I spent some 5 minutes vainly trying to describe the way back to her place. (which wasn't more than a minute from there). But she didn't understand a bit.
So I sat back in the car and we set off. Not to her house. Back to college!
"You know the way to your home from here right?"
"Yaa!" (very cheerfully). She had the way back home down pat from college.
"Thanks for the lift home", I said with a huge smile on my face, standing right back where I had started.
And she gave me a sheepish little smile back, "Anytime!"