Friday, September 30, 2005

Shekar's plan

One of the important things of being an Administrator for the entire lab for Kaisi College was to install all the softwares and make sure they run smoothly. (or well, roughly enough to work anyway).
Now typically all the software used to get installed via the server, which was basically just one of the faster PCs connected on LAN. And we also had to install the Operating System - Win2k Pro. Chetan had got it on a CD as the copies in the lab were far too scratched up. So we made multiple copies of this CD and started off installing Win2k. Only what we did'nt realize was that they were pirated.
Now if you're thinking - "What's the big deal? I get pirated stuff all the time." Well it is a big deal. See this ain't just any other house. This is an educational institution, (sindhi nonetheless), which didn't have a valid license for like... say.. 27 Computers. (not to mention the IT lab seperately and all the PC's in the Office and other staff areas)
And apart from the OS itself, most of the softwares were pirated too! Norton AntiVirus 2003, MS Office XP, Visual Basic 6.0, MS SQL2000, (except for stuff like Redhat Linux, Java). Now that is something really amazing.
My brother's reaction - shocked and laughing. Because there, stuff was not only legit, they had a customized version of Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition for the Amazing!! And here we are.
Now the teachers said that they had the original CD's when Prof. Bhatt was in charge. So? Where'd they go? I guess when Bhatt respectfully left (everybody laughs hysterically here!). I mean when Bhatt was removed, the originals vanished the way of our Hardware Workshop Certificates!
Anyways, we were able to convince our teachers and the Head of the Department to get proper licenses from Microsoft and other companies. Which they did eventually and now things are proper.
But you should have seen Shekar's reaction to all this. Not only was he smiling, but a devilish smile crept on his face. "Nice", i thought.
"You know what this means?", he said to me. And i knew, this usually means fun!
"It means we can get rid of the teachers. And not just for a day or two. For a long loooong time dude!"
"Yea right!" Heh! I have to admit. I liked the way he dragged the 'loooong'. But still.
"No dude seriously. All we have to do is to tell someone like Microsoft or Mumbai cyberPolice. So if they have a raid. They get caught."
"Shekar, don't be so naive! If by any freakish chance there IS a raid only the princi will get in trouble and only a little bit at that. So much for that!"
"And what will she do to the teacher's a$$ when this happens?"
"Ha Ha Ha Ha!"

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Blogger CeeTee rambled...

LOL... nice one Suyi.... Why dont you write a post on the day when Santosh (the lab peon) arranged the chairs OH-SO-NEATLY and we (Shiv, you and me) stacked them on top of each other and running out from da lab ? The guy met us outside somewhere near Satyam's (A nice supermarket) and said "MADAM KO COMPLAIN KAREGA" (I'll complain to Madam) :D -- THAT WAS GOOD :D

1:45 PM, October 01, 2005  
Blogger Thë Là¢ke¥ rambled...

sure sure.... one at a time cheti.. one at a tiiime....
(devilish smile....)
<laughs hysterically>

1:53 PM, October 01, 2005  

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