Wednesday, October 05, 2005

If Shekar's gross, thats Shiv's loss!

S.Y.Bsc. - Early morning practicals in the lab one day...

Shekar was sitting on a lone terminal doing some programs, (and as usual you can assume that its not the program thats been told to do). Shivprakash comes up. (or probably sits right next to him... I only remember vaguely.) He casually puts his hand on Shekar's shoulder, just checking what he's doing.

"What's that?!", Shiv says.
"Get your hand off", glancing at the hand on his shoulder.
"There's snot on my shoulder."
"So? Put it in your folder!"

Big pause. Shekar probably stops typing and looks quizically at Shiv. And NOT because it rhymed. Shekar is confused, but he patiently repeats. (Something not really expected from Shekar... but it was a lousy, lazy, lethargic 7 O' Clock in the morning! Like every other 7 O' Clock in the morning in the lab.)

"Dude! There's snot on my shoulder!"
"So? Put it in your folder!"

And this time from the expression Shiv put forward, its pretty clear that Shiv probably doesn't know what snot means. (Or he probably thinks that, gross as he usually is, Shekar still can't be THAT gross... can he??)

[ Wait... Wait... TIME OUT! ]

See here now, in Shekar's defence, (and I really don't know why I'm defending him), it was a cold early morning, air conditioned lab, and he plays a lot of football in the rains, gets wet, and takes a bath only when his ma starts fainting near him. So snot is the only place from where his brain can make a desperate lunge to escape.

And Shiv, well, he says this it not the way it happened at all!. He said he took his hand off as soon as Shekar told him there's snot on it. Now thats more likely to have happened. Because Shiv is the kind of guy who knows what snot is. (Now whether he looked it up under 'S' in the dictionary or not is a different matter entirely.) But in anycase. This is what Shekar told me and Godfrey.

[ Ok. Press any key to continue... ]

"Dude! I'm telling you, there's snot on my shoulder!"
Nothing from Shiv.
"I've got a cold dude, and a runny nose.", "So I used my t-shirt to wipe off!"
"Eeeew!! GROSS MAN!", and wipes it off Shekar's back.
But Shekar really doesn't care.

Of course, I wasn't there when it really happened. I was in the other batch, in the 'inside lab'. Damn! Missed it! But not to worry. Shekar was telling me and Godfrey what had happened. And if you think that was funny, you should have seen the way Shekar was telling Godfrey.
Nose all blocked.

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